Australia: a hub of natural and man-made attractions

Jun 07, 2013

Australia is officially called as the Commonwealth of Australia and is a country which is rich in natural and man-made attractions. The country has a wide range of attractions to explore especially Sydney. In fact, Australia is one of the most alluring countries to visit where tourists are welcomed by the magnificent beaches and some fascinating spots. Below given are the top ten tourist attractions in Australia which you must not miss.

Sydney – The world famous Sydney is the largest and most populous cities in this country and boasts a renowned Sydney opera house. This attraction is designed by the Dutch architect John Utzon. Few other hot destinations of Sydney are Hunter Valley Wineries, Jenolan Caves, Harbour Highlights Cruises, and the marine aquarium located at the Darling Harbor.

Tasmania – It boasts a wide blend of nature and wilderness which is explored by thousands and more every year. This region is known for its history, culture, lagoons, beaches, and many breathtaking beaches. Yet, Tasmania is famous for its beauty and wild life. Diverse species can be found at this location. If you like peeking at different wild life species then this is an ideal place to visit.

Perth – It boasts a wide range of wildlife, aquatic, and sigh seeing attractions. Visitors enjoy the adventures offered by this place and also its aboriginal culture and dance. Some of the sterling attractions are Lake Monger, Perth Mint, Perth Zoo, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Stirling Garden, Concert Hall, Western Australian Museum, His Majesty’s Theatre, and Cultural Centre.


Kakadu National Park – It is termed amongst the world heritage sites in Australia. The park stretches at a distance of more than 200 km towards south from the coast and 100 km from east to west. This park is a fascinating place to experience the magical mix of mountains and greenery. This park is rich in wild life and native plants. It also houses around 500 aborigines.

Cairns – Cairns is more popular because it serves as a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world which is a must see attraction of Australia. It is spread at an area of 80 million acres along the coast of North East Australia. It houses some of the rarest sea organisms in the world. While your tour, you may come across exploring some of the endangered species at the area.

Fraser Island – it is recognized as the largest sand island in the world and is often called as the hidden natural treasure. It accommodates a host of endangered species including dingos, wild dogs and various types of fish. The beaches offer heavenly beautiful sights, making it a popular holiday destinations for tourists throughout the globe.

Uluru – It is known for its largest monolith rock found in the world. It is also amongst the greatest world natural wonders. Uluru is in fact an ideal place for those who like experiencing some activities. It has magnificent red rock which gives picturesque glances during sunset and sunrise.

Australia-BeachesKangaroo Island – A small yet peaceful place to spend your holiday. It opens opportunities to see goannas, wallabies, kangaroos, koalas, dolphins, whales, and many wildlife species.

Jamison Valley – You can take a tour through cable car to see the wonderful settings of nature. It draws thousands of local and international tourists each year.

Adelaide – Again a great city to explore that boasts a range of attractions. It serves as a gateway to those who like experiencing nightlife of different destinations. Closer destinations from here are Adelaide Hills and National parks and reserves.